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Audio - resources to listen to


Art21 short films about contemporary artists


Artes_Mundi on mixcloud audio recordings of talks including on urban space; conflict in photography & feminist art.


Backdoor Broadcasting Company: Academic Podcasts (The Latest Research in Arts and Humanities: conferences, symposia, panel discussions, talks and seminars recorded at UK universities).


BBC Arts and Ideas podcasts of the best of Free Thinking

(BBC Radio 3 arts and ideas show) interviews and debates with artists and scientists and public figures)


BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time podcasts covering the history of ideas.


BBC World Service - The Cultural Frontline - the world as seen through the eyes of artists.


BBC World Service - In the Studio - podcasts about leading and emerging figures from across the world including, but not limited to, visual artists.

Bow Down Podcast: A series about significant women artists from the past who deserve our attention


Cities and Memory is a global field recording sound map & sound art work that presents both the present reality of a place, but also its imagined, alternative counterpart – remixing the world, one sound at time.

See also Sound Projects (inc. Dada Sounds; Protest and Politics; Sound Photography)


e-flux podcasts on contemporary art and related debates:


Conversations in Time (2017) a series of interviews inspired by the book ‘Conversations Before the End of Time’ by American artist and writer Suzi Gablik responding to the question of the purpose or role of art in an era of social and environmental uncertainty.


Her Noise Archive is a resource of collected materials investigating music and sound histories in relation to gender bringing together a wide network of women artists who use sound as a medium.


IAI Podcast: Philosophy for our Times


ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) London on soundcloud: recordings of events and talks


Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) on soundcloud: talks and discussions around new ideas and emerging debates in the contemporary visual arts and reflect the diversity of contemporary society.


Oral history of British Photography: various in-depth interviews with artists


The Modern Art Notes podcast


The Start podcasts on artistic beginnings:


Sonic Acts festival and research platform for artistic knowledge at the intersection of art, science and theory. Videos:


The Thinking in Public Forum podcasts of the European Philosophy Forum on subjects related to contemporary cultural and intellectual life.


Women’s Audio Archive recordings of visual art public talks, seminar, conferences in London in the 1980s.

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