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Atton, Chris (2002), Alternative Media, London: Sage publishing


Barnard College Zine Archive - collection of zines by women, with an emphasis on women of colour.

La Maleta Fanzinera is a traveling zine archive focusing on zines from Latin American countercultures.

Queer Reads Library 流動閱酷, Hong Kong based travelling zine library focusing on distribution of LGBTQ+ publications in response to government censorship.

Glasgow Zine Library:


Stuart Hall Library at Iniva: zines and collection of early Black arts journals

What is a zine? See: Zines: The Power of DIY Print (short documentary)


Zine collection at London College of Communication Library:

ZineWiki - U.S. based online archive with information about Zines and Libraries that collect them.

Allen, G ed. (2016) Documents of Contemporary Art: The Magazine. London: Whitechapel Gallery

Herschend, J. (2014) The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object. San Francisco: Chronicle Books

Piepmeier, Alison (2008) Why Zines Matter: Materiality and the Creation of Embodied Community, in American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism, pp. 213 - 238. Columbus: Ohio State University Press


Laura Grace Ford


Cover image:

Semina (1955-64) was a zine produced by assemblage artist, Wallace Berman, on Beat culture, art and occultism. Poet, Michael McClure called Semina 'a scrapbook of the spirit'.


"At Last" 

The Suffragist, 21 June 1919

Bryn Mawr College Library

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