The Edit is an interactive bibliography for Fine Art students.

It is categorised in subject headings and also contains resources on writing/how to research.

The subject headings reveal books, audio, online sources and links.


The Edit positively responds to initiatives supporting inclusive and diverse research and invests in decolonising the curriculum. It also promotes a new graphic, interactive, virtual form for pedagogical materials, which is image-rich - in support of diverse learning styles and the cooption of the written into forms of publishable art practice - as reflected in worlds of art publishing beyond the institution.


The Edit can be used as a resource by students and staff on BA and MA Fine Art courses and will, ultimately, contain quick start guides for various levels - such as entry level bibliographic guides for an undergraduate degree. It also contains links and resources for careers in the Arts.


The Edit grew out of initiatives in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts between 2017-19 and will continue to reflect positive changes in the curriculum locally and what is at stake within the teaching of Fine Art more broadly. A regular advisory board including students will contribute to its updating on an annual basis. The Edit will be an open resource.


The Editors of The Edit are Dr Zoë Mendelson and Paula Smithard with many staff and student collaborators. You can find out more about us and how to get involved by clicking on The Editors under Guides at very bottom of the home page.

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