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The Edit is a resource.

The Edit is an interactive bibliography for Fine Art students.

It is categorised in subject headings and also contains resources on writing/how to research.

The subject headings reveal books, audio, online sources and links





Guides to study and writing

Guides to study and writing

Reference, terms and concepts

Reference, terms and concepts

Art writing

Art writing

Practicalities & careers

Practicalities & careers

The Edit - an explainer

The Edit - an explainer


click below to download a pdf copy of the full bibliography to your device. Scroll down for a list of subjects in alphabetical order.

Will Cobbing, Cover Version (2017-18)

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list of subjects

The Editors

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Zoë Mendelson

Dr Zoë Mendelson is an artist and writer with an expanded field  practice that owes its spatialisation, historical narratives and compositional framework to painting-focused enquiry. She engages collation as a methodological framework for creating networks between psychoanalytic theory, psychotherapeutic practice, spatial theory, fine art and critical practice. Her work includes various forms of writing (fiction and non-fiction), painting, collage, drawing, hand driven animation and installation. Mendelson has exhibited widely showing works, performing and publishing, nationally and internationally. Her work is also installed permanently (visibly and covertly) in public buildings.


Zoë Mendelson's research engages disorder as a culturally produced phenomenon, in parallel to its clinical counterpart, suggesting its value to knowledge production within Fine Art and critical theory.


Zoë is Head of Painting & Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art. She co-curates the network paintingresearch with Geraint Evans. 

You can see Zoë's spring 2020 lockdown lectures on making proposals for artworks here.


More detail and documentation at: 

paula drawing of.jpg

Paula Smithard

Paula Smithard undertakes research that explores: feminist art practice and its legacy and issues of gender, sexuality and difference in contemporary art; surrealism and after including its intersection with psychoanalysis and philosophy. Paula has specialist knowledge of psychoanalysis and continental philosophy and is an assistant editor of JCFAR (Journal for Centre of Freudian Analysis and Research). Paula can also be found giving occasional gallery talks and appearing on panel discussions in museums and galleries such as the Tate, Camden Arts Centre and at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (April 2015).


Paula’s background is in history of modern art, design & film. After several years as an arts administrator, Paula began working at the Serpentine Gallery in the early 90s. Paula later went on to lecture widely on modern and contemporary art including regularly at Central Saint Martins (UAL), Goldsmiths College, University of London; Birkbeck College, University of London; Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) and The Open University.


In the late ‘90s Paula’s art criticism explored the cultural politics of pleasure and subjectivities and appeared in, amongst others, make, (e)verything and Variant magazines. An essay from this period has been republished in eds. Walsh, M. & Throp, M., The MAKE Anthology: Reviewing the Past and Looking to the Future of Women’s Art Practice (2015; I.B. Tauris).



This project began its life with the valued support and contributions of BA Fine Art staff and students at Wimbledon College of Arts in 2018-19.

The image that sits behind our home page is from a work by Luisa Castro Almeida, an alumnus of Wimbledon College of Arts.


We welcome recommendations and suggestions of material for The Edit. Please click on the Contribute tab below to get in touch. An academic Staff/Student editorial board will review the site annually and make changes. When preparing your submission please consider how your recommendation has uses for communities of Fine Art practitioners and critical thinkers. Please also bear in mind that this list is designed for BA and MA researchers.

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